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Notus Network is a decentralized, easy, fast and secure blockchain platform that offers different services for projects.

Low carbon-neutral blockchain with

high data security and high energy efficiency.

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The Notus solution aims to serve as the foundation of a sustainable and scalable blockchain ecosystem. While Notus believes that blockchain technology is still an emerging technology. It offers a new perspective on the next-generation blockchain technology.


Blockchain experience made easy with Notus


Notus Network, with its multi-layered architecture, is suitable for all your security needs.


Notus Network does not compromise on energy efficiency with its unique algorithm.


Notus Network has the lowest transaction time with its updated blockchain architecture.


The renewed granular blockchain architecture was designed based on scaling.


Test seamless and fast transactions with the innovative architecture offered by Notus Network.


Notus Network is the first pioneer of an architecture where the Blockchain is redesigned.

Time to add a new block to the network

with an average of 200 milliseconds.

Notus Solutions

Solutions provided by Notus for projects



Q3 2022


Design and development of the Notus website, spearheaded by the Notus team.


Q4 2022

Notus Explorer

The Notus Explorer is a suite of tools designed to allow users to explore the Notus blockchain, view transactions and balances, and more. The explorer will also be used by developers to interact with the Notus blockchain.


Q4 2022

Notus Wallet Demo

The Notus Wallet is a secure, easy-to-use and intuitive wallet that allows users to send and receive Notus tokens. It will also allow users to view their balance and transaction history.


Q4 2022

Notus MVP Release

The Notus MVP is a working prototype of the Notus platform and will be released in Q4 2022. The MVP will allow users to create an account, view their balance and transaction history, send and receive Notus tokens, as well as access other features such as the explorer.


Q4 2022

Notus Wallet Redesign and Development

The Notus Wallet will be redesigned and developed to be more user-friendly and intuitive. We will also introduce new features such as multi signature wallet and time-based locking.


Q4 2022

Seed Fundraise

The Notus Seed Fundraise will be raised to support the development of the Notus platform. Funds will be used for project development, marketing, and team growth.


Q1 2023

Notus Virtual Machine

The Notus Virtual Machine will be released to enable dApp development on the Notus blockchain. The Notus VM will allow developers to create smart contracts using a range of programming languages such as Solidity and Javascript.


Q2 2023

Notus Devnet Release

The Notus Devnet will be released with a set of tools and libraries to allow developers to build dApps on the Notus platform.


Q2 2023

Bosphorus Testnet Phase 01

The Notus Testnet will be released with full support for smart contracts. The testnet will allow developers to start testing applications and creating dApps on the Notus platform.


Q2 2023

Bosphorus Testnet (Incentivized) Phase 02

The second phase will involve bringing the Notus Protocol public via an incentivized testnet. Participants will be able to run nodes (implementers) and applications (users), and receive rewards for being active participants in both roles.


Q3 2023

Notus Mainnet Beta Launches

The mainnet beta will allow for developers, users and others to access the Notus Protocol. This will be a complete launch of the Notus ecosystem publicly.


Q4 2023

Notus Wallet (NoWa) Extension-App Release

The NoWa extension-app will allow for users to access the Notus Protocol directly from their web browsers and phones.


Q1 2024

Notus Bridge to Ethereum

The Notus Bridge will allow for users to transfer tokens back and forth between the Notus Mainnet and Ethereum.

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